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What can you do with creative frustration?

Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it. – Salvador Dali 

5 May 2019

Well? what can you do with creative frustration?

Today I sat at my computer (coffee in hand), and started working just before 0600 it’s now 1935 ⏲ 

Then I realised it’s been days since I posted here. Instant craving to write and write with purpose, but I’m spent… and that’s the moment! That impossible thought based place where things collide.

Creativity wants to take over, physically and mentally – it aint happnin…

Then it just made sense to post this because I’m not taking it to bed with me 😉

So, what do I do with my creative frustration?

Frustration Spike #spikeblogs
KISS it (Keep It Simple Stoopid) 

It used to drive me crazy until I vented the creativity somewhere, anywhere!

It had the power to stop me sleeping.

So bad was it, it could literally stand between me and any real productivity – for days!

No more!

If I want to find inspiration & creative thought, I’ve learned it comes not from effort but from rest!

So do I want to be creative? Hell yeah… Will it happen in the next 12 hours, hell no!

Accept that your best germinates in rest, not effort and sweaty toil. Then the cycle can end for you!

Takes a little practice but try it… Next time you get that frustration, self doubt and circular thought… 

…shut down

Your phone, tablet, laptop, PC, camera, paint palette, books, pens.. yourself! 

Shut it all down. Pull the plugs. Remove the power.

If you want to be the ultimate YOU right now? Rest. Recharge. Recover. Repair. Renew. Recline!

Allow the seeds of free thinking, wild creativity and complete awesomeness to germinate in you. 

Go easy on yourself, treat yourself even.. take a long hot soak.. close your eyes.

Not only will your creativity flourish but you will grow as a creative being too! You really will!

On that note I’m diving into a hot bath where I plan to close my eyes, rake over the soil of creativity and plant my seeds for tomorrow.

You’re amazing! Be your best ‘you’ right now.. and accept your limitations, pamper that soul with a warm fluffy towel of peace and check in on them saplings in the morning. 

Good night all! I am truly – out.