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Time to DO MORE

With our thoughts we make the world. – Buddha 
19 April 2019

I woke up grateful today. 6:00am with a rich deep orange glow filling the kitchen as I poured coffee.

Grateful for the beauty, grateful for my family, grateful for my health.. just grateful all over!

I labelled a parcel, poured a 2nd coffee and checked my notifications. Reminding myself how we never had those in the 80s, as a small grin turned up the corner of my sugar coated lips (only Β½ a spoon).

So, where too.. and I’m not going to make this journal about lists. Suffice to say I’m out the door in the next 30mins and I’m not even dressed.. meh.. I have a shopping expedition then later I’m desk clearing.

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What I find great about thinking things through, especially long-standing stuff, is coming to a conclusion about how exactly I’m going to move forward. I now know what I must DO.

My difficulty is that I’m prone to think in batches. Is that just me, or do others think this way too? It’s motivating! I’m working things out but it generates a mahoosive list. A list with consequences..

Then, eventually, the mind slows. No more issues to fix, so… so what?… then tumbleweed …

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The answer is in the sub-title.. that’s where I am right now.
Action not theory now. Stuff needs to be handled and it needs to be handled in a timely manner.
Thinking; there’s no point fixing things in theory if I don’t turn it into action.
Is writing this distracting me? Will it distract me from action in the future? Hmmm..
Well there’s another thing added to my watch list and I still haven’t DONE all that other stuff.
So, mindset is – upload a video to YouTube before the end of April (regardless of quality), because I know how important simply starting the routine of creation and upload is.
I need to make decisions on tech. more to do with setup and audio, so I’m on it, I’m on it!
Re-joining the gym calls, purely from a health perspective and I’ve a ride to prep for tomorrow.
Each of these has its own subsequent time sucking consequences. Joining the gym again requires scheduled visits, cycling tomorrow requires decision on tech and the footage obtained will need post production.
This isn’t even 10% of my list, for example; IΒ already have video footage I could create a video from, so things are squeezing into a bottle neck and the answer, I’ve come to understand is simply this…
Let’s see how that goes… damnit, I’m running late now πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

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