Spikes Journal

It’s time to create my bucket list

Expect nothing. Live frugally on surprise. – Alice Walker 
16 May 2019

So, I got to thinking it’s time to create my bucket list. 

I don’t know what motivates this, where it came from, or a little unnervingly, why now?

But, it’s just a list, right? How hard can that be?

Well if it were “just a list..” then it wouldn’t be a problem. If it was a list of things to present to an audience, again.. no problem! None.

But a “Bucket List”… for the intended purpose… actual… factual… true… sincere… my bucket list 🤔

The more I’ve begun to think about “my” bucket list, the more scary it becomes.

Seriously, there comes a point with this brain train where it starts to highlight whopping gaps in your life’s experience. Challenges you never knew you MUST face, they start to appear like a rising sun.


YES. That is the right word.

So, what have I concluded? 

Well that’s perhaps the best served purpose of this post. Simply list my initial conclusions…

Efficient simplicity… my…

Short version goes a little like this..

I’ve ticked off a lengthy roll of experiences and I can prepare an evolutionary list to satisfy this. I think it can change, items can be added and removed as my desires shift. 

I’m OK with that bit.

Then we turn some attention to our measurable targets perhaps? To achieve x by y, kinda things. 

This I find less comfortable.. and that leads me to ask; Should a bucket list be comfy or should it be a pressured and a driven schedule with a measure of success and/or failure attached? 

I don’t have that answer yet. Working on it…

Woooooow heavy! .. and honestly, that’s where my early thoughts just began to shoot like random fireworks.

I took a step back. Poured much coffee ☕

I’ve revisited this thinking perhaps half a dozen times now & it gets no easier.

However! … out of this has fallen a seed buried deep within me for over a decade.

I toyed with the idea of labelling it the No.1 item on my bucket list.

Problem is, if I call it No.1 it assumes multiples & after thought, I don’t have room for a No.2 

Just no! .. one thing at a time I say ..

Cutting to the chase

About 15 years ago I looked into buying a forest.

Back then I had the money but not the justification & today that’s totally flipped around.

As a direct result of pondering my bucket list, this can-o-worms has surfaced & I’ve not started yet!

So what does this mean? Well, sat right at the top of my list is a desire to buy that forest.

I’ll create my ‘normal’ list and post it here soon, BUT… for anyone reading this… understand – all the time I’m writing my regular bucket list, my mind will be in that forest. I can’t explain it. I can’t decode the rationale. 

It’s something I simply must do.

I’ve always known it. 

I’ve always felt it.

I must.

I will.


Who the heck knows? All I can say today is that the justification is more important than the means.

That’s what I’ll be working on. 

I want to carve out a place in the wild where people can come to experience the outdoors. Their first night under the stars. The joy of cooking a meal on an open fire for the first time. Pooping behind a tree. The full monty!

I won’t go further right now.. but I want to facilitate a place where people can experience “IT”.

Crowd funded, patreon, donations, gifts, savings, windfalls and ultimately if no other option prevails I plan to  cash out my pension and I will tick this off my list. I declare NOW I will tick this off my list.

The rest of my bucket is just filled with gravy.. the sparkles on a birthday cake.. the polish on your shoes.. 

It’s just a list, right?

Stay tuned… cos this is just the very beginning!