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Great day to start a YouTube channel.

Your limitation is purely your imagination. 
13 April 2019

You know those days? The ones when your mind bounces casually from one positive thought to another? Like skipping through a summer meadow picking flowers as you go. Today, was one of those days.

They don’t happen often, but when they do, those thoughts stay with me for ages.

Now I’ve tinkered with YouTube in years gone bye, posting ride Vlogs and Lightroom tutorials. I soon felt the growing mental friction though, of that gnawing pressure for ‘productivity’ and ‘quality content’ etc.

Was it all worth it to me back then? Hell no!

So, I bundled up my gear, put YouTube back in its box and  buried it in my darkroom (that’s not an actual place, BTW). I quit YouTube, disillusioned and honestly pretty pissed off at myself too.

I remember saying then (as Arnold once did), “I’ll be back”… just not until I fully understand why?

Well today was the day I finally worked that shit out. Go me!🤳

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Today was a ride day! A long ass 32 mile MTB ride on the edge of the beautiful Derbyshire Peak District. 

It was chilly but bright and the odd eye-watering winters breeze soon cleared to unveil a blooming spring vista. It was a beautiful day, a great ride and prime conditions for nasal clearance, mind-clearance & problem solving.

The day unrolled like a soft warm blanket as turn by turn my long-standing issues revealed themselves.

YouTube fell out a few times & slowly I resolved things, concluding ~ You do YouTube for You!

Think like this and you become free! No more scripts, production schedules or self-imposed deadlines.

What made sense was this..

I’m a creative. I love to make stuff, share stuff and more importantly complete stuff. I’m passionate about nature, the outdoors, adventure and taking the less well trodden path. I appreciate honesty and the little things in life that make us glow. 

Experience is everything & everything is to be experienced. – Spike

So, let me wrap this up.

The Short Version

I’m starting another YouTube channel. 

I really hope you visit, like, dislike, comment and subscribe, but initially this channel’s for me.

With 1k subscribers my channel will change. I won’t give much away now, its bound to evolve anyway, but there will be events to mark the first 100 subscribers and at least 10 random giveaway prizes at 1k.

Enough blackmail.. till then, I‘m just documenting and sharing my activities and adventures.

Here, remember; “It is what it is.

So, spikeblogs.com gives me an outlet for virtual stuff and YouTube gives me an outlet for reality! I hope it becomes entertaining, and honestly I don’t know that it will. Worst case I end up with an archive of memories and best case I make some new friends.

See, YouTube’s changed from being a time sucking, whip cracking bitch into a platform that helps me share my reality, store my memories and challenge myself with a huge toy chest full of transitions, colour grading & audio!.. with the potential to make new friends.

Now, I’m motivated, and I know why I “do” YouTube.

Today, riding back to the car with tired legs and a sense of relief, one last thought fell from the soft warm blanket… “Why not add a personal journal to spikeblogs.com to supplement YouTube?” So I did. 

Welcome! and if you missed the intro you can find it HERE

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