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WTF! A journal introduction.

Currently experiencing life at multiple WTFs per hour.Β 
1 April 2019

I have so much to say, I don’t know where to begin, but Brevity & Simplicity have never been my friends.

Why say it in 10 words when I can construct 30?.. that could be my motto.

So, I thought, skip an introduction and let’s just hit the ground running, which I did.. for several hours. Until, I realised my brief opening journal post was ballooning into a full blown short story.

Nobody wants to read that shit, not even me.

So this is my intro.

I guess it has two purposes; firstly to let you know what to expect and secondly to help me keep journal posts as brief as possible. Quick hits of frequent brain farts, rather than chapters of War and Peace.

I’m not going to find this easy, am I?

All work and no play #spikeblogs
My Journal Explained

Technically, it translates from the FrenchΒ ~jounral (literally meaning daily), today it’s more commonly defined as; A record of activities regardless of time elapsed between entries. And that suits me just fine!

So, Spike’s Journal will be a record of activities and thoughts as they arise. They’ll be journaled (is journaled a word?) and be a true, honest reflections of my actual activities & thinking. NEVER fiction, scripted or for effect.

Here; “It is what it is.”

If I had to declare a target audience, picture it this way.. Imagine I sold one ticket to the show and bought it myself. Then because the theatre was empty, I walk out to the street to perform for all who passed bye.

Most will ignore me, others may furrow their brow and scurry past BUT some may sit cross legged, open an egg & cress sandwich then giggle with me when I giggle & cry with me when I cry. LoveΒ πŸ₯š&🌿


Now I don’t swear and cuss much in real life but in my head profanity can flourish. If I’m to keep journal posts honest I cannot avoid the odd shit, piss, what the fuck, turd, twat or bastard! I think that covers it.

What I can say is usually my virtual potty mouth comes with a giggle attached, so I hope I never truly offend anyone. If I do please feel free to furrow your brow and scurry past because this is not censored.

Here; “It is what it is.”

Every fibre in my virtual body is screaming out to type more.. more.. more.. but NO!


P.S. You can message me anytime via the contact form, email at spike@spikeblogs.comΒ or post a public comment below. Donations are always welcome and if you own a forest I can have permission to wild camp in or an desert island I can retreat to (with broadband), please get in touch!


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