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How to combat one of those days!

 The quieter you become, the more you can hear. – Baba Ram Dass 

27 April 2019

I imagine we almost all have them, from time to time 🤨 ..but how to combat one of those days?

Some of us more than others… and if that’s you, then this is a gift. From me to you 🎁 Your welcome 😊

Ya know, those days when your usual chipper-self is disturbed by an external force. Your mojo is unbalanced. Control’s taken from you and maybe you’re housebound or ushered into actions you’d rather avoid.

Today was one of those for me. Stuck indoors waiting for a delivery that could arrive anytime up to 9pm! It came on top of a week that’s been full of minor agitations, a difficult trip to the dentist and much ‘static’. 

It’s also been a week since I got out out.. and the weather has turned from un-seasonally glorious to sh……… 


Well, a few things floated through my mind. Like how it had been so long since I last had one of these days? Why? What had changed? I’m grateful! don’t get me wrong. I just found it interesting…

I realised quickly the answer was simple. It’s mindful meditation.

I meditate daily and have done for a few years now. Nothing religious, tribal or ritualistic. I don’t wear a cloak, touch chickens, chant or burn things. It’s just simple, natural, mindful mediation 🎁 No.2 (Vipassana)

I often realise unexpected side effects from my practice but this quietly crept up on me.

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If you want things to be different…

I can’t delve into detail here, it’s no doubt subjective, personal and an experience based thing anyway.

I’ll summarise…

One thing mindful meditation does, is slow down my previously rapid auto-thinking. 

Choosing to switch the mind off briefly each day forms a powerful habit casting a long shadow. What I mean is the calmness and space for clear thought stays with you, long after you open your eyes.

It’s not easy though! Meditation is a challenge. It takes a form of commitment and understanding. 

Think of it as a conscious state rather than an activity. It’s about truly non-doing, not doing meditation.

I won’t list all benefits, there are far too many. 

Today just highlighted to me, as I entered ‘one of those days’, of the recent times I’ve been challenged by stresses. How I now respond to them in a far more accepting, calm and conscious way. 

I’ve no more excessive chatter in my mind, no wild random thinking to interrupt me or misguide me. 

Just calm, considered, conscious, clear thought.

With that comes a gratitude I can only say exists. Something for another day perhaps?

Cutting to the chase… determined to keep this as short as possible. I’ve realised today that this habit, this practice – it has replaced ‘those days‘ with a natural ability to slow my mind (without realising). 

When challenged, instead of focusing on reacting I simply turn my attention to the present moment. 

I’m very slowly learning to accept things, far more easily and more importantly without judgement. 

So, I no longer bounce around my cage (like I once did), trapped in my mind, stir-crazy and eager to satisfy the *monkey-mind chattering in my head (*the primitive mind that lives in us all).

That’s why its been so long since I felt the cloud of ‘one of those days’ pass over.

Summary is… if you’re challenged by repetition, strained environments, regular stressful situations you’d like to come to terms with, difficult people you can’t avoid, extreme overthought… I could go on into stuff like self-doubt, negative self image, shyness, clinical anxiety… but I won’t 😉 well…

With all my heart, I believe mindful meditation is THE answer. 

 … we must do different.

The most gratifying thing today was simply reminding myself. No matter what grinds my gears, tests my patience, makes me stressed or fearful – No matter! The very act of realising my situation dissolved any thoughts of boredom or frustration. I became productive, see.. it wasn’t ‘one of those days’ after all!

Nothing is permanent and deciding to take control back from that monkey* constantly banging away with the same log on the same old nuts… We! We, can choose to pause. Focus on the world around us, take a deep breath and realise you just took control – and that there.. that there is…


Sincerely, if any of the above resonates with you and you’d like to find out more please don’t hesitate to drop me a line, anytime. Personal or professional, all enquiries are welcome.

For anyone interested in taking mindful mediation for a test drive, I can forward a .PDF explaining in detail ‘How To Mediate’. Just drop me a message using the Contact form and I’ll forward a free copy as soon as possible. 

How cool! What started as ‘one of those days’, certainly didn’t end that way!