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Bucket list 1 of 3 · Places

Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places,
where other people see nothing.
– Camille Pissarro 

30 May 2019

Well, hello again blank screen… Let me start by opening up my thinking and see where it takes us.

The objective here is to create my bucket list – but how? Where do you actually begin??

Put simply I’ve initially decided to break it down into 3 sections ~ places ~ experiences ~ events. 

Q. Why am I finding this so difficult? 
A. Probably because I’m taking it seriously.. too seriously? Only time will tell.

I mean, what’s the point in creating a bucket list if your not invested in ticking off, right?

But, if you haven’t previously considered your bucket list, all this ‘stuff‘ starts to arise!

If you’re a bucket-list virgin (as I am) – just test it out in your mind – you’ll see 👀


These 3 sections WILL evolve, items will change & who knows, I may drop in another section later too?

There are no imaginative handcuffs to my initial bucket list. I may not have the money to fly into space but it won’t stop me dreaming, thinking big and way outside the practical box.

Is completing MY bucket list a NEED? Huge question this one… and I conclude initially NO! 

My opening bucket list is more a WANTED list – I accept right here and now, all items won’t get a ✔

So, what’s the point then, you may ask? 

My considered answer is this; by allowing myself to explore the bounds of reality I can distil my list over time. I may tick off the odd place or experience for no other reason than I first thought it here.. right HERE..

That adds value, right?

The ULTIMATE BUCKET LIST that this stage leads to, is a BLACK LIST – it’s the mother of all lists. It’s the actual BUCKET LIST if you like. The list that MUST be COMPLETED.

When these 3 bucket list sections are setup, then I plan to create my set in stone Ultimate Bucket List

I can’t compile that list without this list.. not if I’m serious about it.

So this; this is my pre-bucket list, bucket list.

Pleased that’s clear! 

Actually feels good to get that out (no surprise huh?)! 😉

Bucket List • Places

Sherwood Forest.. in the steps of Robin Hood✔
Boston / New York ✔
London (Various) ✔
Ancient Christian Catacombs ✔
Irish Highlands ✔

Rome (Roof of St Peter’s) ✔
Amalfi Coast in Spring ✔
Gulf Of Mexico ✔
France ✔

Spanish Costas ✔
Turkey ✔
• Amsterdam ✔
Florida ✔
Lake District ✔
Isle of Anglesey ✔ 
Sorrento ✔

• Egypt (Aswan, Luxor, Cairo Museum) 
• Scottish Highlands (Solo wildcamp)
• India (Pyres of Varanasi, Ganges)
• Hong Kong Harbour (Day & night)
Near Space (1 hour)
• California / San Francisco
• Atacama Desert (Ride across it)
• Appalachian Trail (All of it!)
• Grand Canyon (RV Camp)
• Niagara Falls (By boat & air)
• Japan (Kyoto then maybe Tokyo for a new camera or three..)
• Mongolia
(Bogd Khan Uul National Park & Ulaanbaatar)
• Norwegian Coast
• Cambodia (Bayon & Angkor Wat)
• Peru (Machu Picchu)
• Iguazú Falls (Brazil)

Hey! it’s a start.. 🛫🚂🚗


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