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Bucket list 2 of 3 · Experiences

The only source of knowledge is experience – Albert Einstein  
9 June 2019

OK let’s go!

Part 2 of 3 is Experiences.. 

I imagine this section will change the most. As interests unfold and life slowly dissolves the changing landscape of desire and ambition will cruise the peaks and valleys. 

Not sure that made sense but at the time of writing, it did 🤔


Heading toward my Ultimate Bucket List, ‘experiences’ I find the most challenging to decide upon.

Do I keep it simple (visit the moon, drive a Ferrari etc.) or do I consider ‘experiences’ as they truly are?

Let’s see? 

Have you ever considered what ‘experiences’ you might have on your own bucket list?

Aren’t experiences THE most important of all things?

Bucket List • Experiences

• Learn to drive ✔
• Fall in love ✔
• Fly trans-atlantic solo ✔
• View Rome from the roof of St Peter’s ✔
• Stand at the mouth of an active volcano ✔
• High speed collision ✔
• Briefly lose consciousness ✔
• Wander the ruins of Pompei ✔
• Barter in a Turkish bazaar ✔
• Sail on a glass bottom boat ✔
• Climb a mountain over 10,000ft ✔
• Stroke a stingray ✔
• Sleep in an ancient haunted tavern ✔
• See the crown jewels ✔
• Pilot a £½million yacht ✔
• Walk through the front door of No.10 ✔
• Win a competition ✔
• Cross the English channel ✔
• Cycle 100km in a single ride ✔
• Meditate silently for a full hour ✔
• Have a fist fight ✔
Actively cure myself of an illness ✔
• Fire a 12 guage shotgun ✔
• Ride a motorcycle over 150mph ✔
• Self-inject ✔
• Hide in a cave ✔
• Walk through a forest at night without a torch ✔
• Sit on a beach dusk till dawn ✔
• Breakdown on a motorway ✔
See the curvature of the earth ✔
• Witness birth ✔
• Witness death ✔

• Buy, setup & share a UK bushcraft forest/camp
• Break a bone (small one)
• Golden hour meditate high up a mountain
• Witness sunrise in an infinity pool
• Go on an adventure canoe trip
• Experience the stars with someone special
• Successfully cycle an Audax
• Fire an RPG (at a static target!)
• Take a Norwegian cruise
• Walk around the pyramids at dusk
• See the Earth from space
• Fill each day with as much conscious awareness as I can


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