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Do you love the great outdoors? 🌲 cycling, hiking, walking or sleeping under the stars ⭐

Do you see skinny dipping as a thing of natural beauty rather than an act of cruelty 🤭

Are you creative? Has nature got the power to move you, to truly lift your spirit 👻

…or, maybe, you’re in need of a friendly bunk-up, a hot cuppa and a gluten free hug 😔

If any of this lives within you then you’ve come to the right place! #spikeblogs is for you…

Spike Blogs #spikeblogs
How are things wrapped up?

So, the site’s simply split into three special interest groups, Healing, Cycling and Outdoors.

The Healing blog is primarily devoted to help anyone suffering panic, anxiety or depression.

Cycling is geared (pardon me) toward product and route reviews, for two wheeled adventure seekers.

And Outdoors is where we hike to pitch our tarp, string our hammock and whittle a tree spirit.

You’ll find a creative thread running through these groups, with hacks, bodges, tips and advice sprinkled like snow. The goal is to motivate, have fun & share some real added value with you!

So, why not put the billy on, kick back and skim a few posts? You might unearth a gem!

Snowflake by Spike #spikeblogs
What will I find inside?

Click any main menu title and you’ll see a few sweet sub-categories to drill into.

There’s also a handy search tool ‘🔍‘ on the menu bar. You can use this to focus your reading.

Healing for the mind and body…

The Healing section is written from experience, and is devoted to anyone suffering panic & anxiety. Each post is numbered in a sequence like this #000 Just so it’s easy to pick up where you left off.

Either side of Mental Health you’ll find complimentary Physical Health & Gluten Free Life sections.

We don’t do vanity training or butt toning! Here, we’re purely focused on well-being, health & healing.

Love Heart by Spike #spikeblogs
Cycling culture is for everyone…

The Cycling section is intended to be useful reference, a helpful resource for all bipeds.

If you ride and appreciate value for money or high quality practicality then Product Reviews & Comparisons will interest you. Cycling products & accessories from all riding styles are included here.

The ever growing Routes & Rides blog is great if your in search of scenery and adventure! Evaluate the rides then download a free GPS files to follow on your Garmin/Wahoo. I have plans for these in 2019!

Tips And Advice does what it says on the tin. It’s a clever collection of cycling’s top cost & time saving tips, together with carefully chosen chunks of qualified and tested rider advice. Who knew…?!

Cycling by Spike #spikeblogs
The great outdoors awaits…

I absolutely love the great Outdoors, the more remote, the happier I am.

In this section you’ll find a collection of Walks & Hikes with free GPS downloads. These routes gravitate towards unusual paths, historic features and areas of outstanding natural beauty. Try them!

Whether walking, hiking or wild camping, comfort and safety are paramount. Kit Reviews will carry a wide range of detailed kit analysis as well as reviews of practical survival tools and cool accessories.

Do you struggle with your knots? I do. Shelter, cooking, pooping, outdoor sanitation and packing… there are so many questions. Guides & Hacks will hopefully grow into a library of common helpful reference.

I just can’t rule it out, en-route cafe’s and pubs may get a review in here too… ☕🍺🍷🍽️

The Great Outdoors by Spike #spikeblogs
… and, who is Spike?

I’m one of those lucky kids who grew up building dens and simulating trench warfare. We had a huge arsenal of whittled guns and pine cone grenades, with impregnable wild defences for cover.

Some of my fondest memories began “Make sure you’re home before dark.” and I always did, just!

Living that dream through the 70s was priceless. However, it gradually drew to a close and by the late 80s I’d cut my hair, stopped trying to be Don Johnson and realised girls were actually, really cool!

Unwittingly, I had now traded my rolling fields for a company car, and my forest was a computer room.

Skip forward to the 00’ies and stuff got tuff. I suffered a series of personal losses and life knocked me hard on my arse with my mental health taking a blow too (hence my section on mental health here)

I came to realise that true recovery is a journey. I sincerely hope that by rolling out my map here, it might be the open hand that helps someone else get back on their feet too 🙏

Jump forward a decade and boy has life changed! I’ve given up the corporate world and closed my little business. Effectively, I turned my company car back into rolling fields and my office is now a forest 🌲

I’ve never been materially poorer nor personally richer… and every day, is once again, truly amazing!

Being outdoors now reminds me, the dusty kid with a cobweb in his hair, he’s still alive and kicking. Today, he flaunts his curfew but nobody minds if he finds a quiet spot, lights a twig stove, brews a coffee and lays back to watch the lights go out before the next adventure begins.

I hope you enjoy my blog and I hope, in time, it brings you some joy.

2019 is the international year of the VLOG (it’s not really) 🤭 and with a steady trickle of visitors here I intend to introduce some video and we’ll make this place a little more animated 🎥

Please stay safe, be happy and always remember…

We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are. Anais Nin