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    Sherwood Forest Outer Walk

    This Sherwood Forest Outer Walk is a clockwise loop of the perimeter trails. Crossing the normal visitor path, it offers glimpses of the rolling fields that contain Sherwood Forest and then draws us back in via the Major Oak. SHERWOOD FOREST 2018 In the second half of 2018 the management…

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    The Difference Between Walking And Hiking

    If, like me, you’ve ever questioned the difference between walking and hiking, here’s a few common definitions. walk·ing | [wawk]  d1: To travel on foot at a moderate pace; by advancing the feet alternately. d2: Go on foot for recreation and exercise. d3: Travel over (a route or area) on foot. hike·ing | [hahyk] d1:…

  • Essential naturally gluten free foods by Spike #spikeblogs
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    Essential Naturally Gluten Free Foods

    As a DH sufferer myself (dermatitis herpetiformis), I truly appreciate the vast range of recipes for gluten-free pancakes, biscuits and bread etc. So, here instead, I’d like to share my essential naturally gluten free foods. These are my core, staple, gluten-free go-to’s. Potatoes This is perhaps our most versatile, affordable and…

  • Anxious Living by Spike #spikeblogs
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    The Alternative To Anxious Living

    Following on from Links Between Anxiety & Depression let’s now explore the alternative to anxious living.  Question : What is the alternative to anxious living? Well, to most sufferers, it’s quite obvious that their thinking has/is changed. Often people report relentless worry and repetitive over-thinking. Dwelling on the negative and/or replaying mental movies…

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    Garmin Edge 820 Review With Tips

    The Garmin Edge 820 has been kicking around since late 2016 with early reviews rather mixed and generally frustrated. Step forward three years, several software updates and a price drop later, and perhaps the Edge 820 deserves another look? So, here’s my REVISED DOWN first-hand 2019 Garmin Edge 820 review with tips. Quality…