• Topeak Medium Saddle Pack Review by Spike #spikeblogs
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    Topeak Large Saddle Pack Review

    Cycle for any length of time and you soon realise how important essential tools and spares can be. In this Topeak Large Saddle Pack Review, we take a quick look at how practical this strappy little bundle can be. Quality Reliability Features Price 0 Style 0 Usability 0 Value 0…

  • Mansfield To Gunthorpe Trentside Loop featured by Spike #spikeblogs
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    Mansfield To Gunthorpe Trentside Loop

    A completely unsupported ride to the River Trent has lived on my bucket list for many years. So, in 2018 I rode the following Mansfield to Gunthorpe Trentside Loop, setting off under a stunning sunrise, earning a very satisfying DESCRIPTION Starting from the Widecombe Fair Pub you cross the dual…

  • Sherwood Pines Blue Route featured map by Spike #spikeblogs
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    Sherwood Pines Blue Adventure Route

    The Sherwood Pines Blue Adventure Route is in effect a perimeter trail that skirts around the Sherwood Pines Forest Park in North Nottinghamshire. A national working forest, it is managed by the Forestry Commission. DESCRIPTION Parking in the large car park our unofficial route begins at the benches outside the…

  • Sherwood Forest Budby Heath featured by Spike #spikeblogs
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    Sherwood Forest Budby Heath Walk

    This Sherwood Forest Budby Heath Walk is a lovely little adventure that creeps onto less well trodden ground. Great if you wish to explore beyond the Major Oak. There’s good terrain variety also more challenge under foot. DESCRIPTION Parking in the new RSPB Sherwood Forest Car Park (over the road from…

  • Sherwood Forest Outer featured by Spike #spikeblogs
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    Sherwood Forest Outer Walk

    This Sherwood Forest Outer Walk is a clockwise loop of the perimeter trails. Crossing the normal visitor path, it offers glimpses of the rolling fields that contain Sherwood Forest and then draws us back in via the Major Oak. SHERWOOD FOREST 2018 In the second half of 2018 the management…

  • Walking hiking by Spike #spikeblogs
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    The Difference Between Walking And Hiking

    If, like me, you’ve ever questioned the difference between walking and hiking, here’s a few common definitions. walk·ing | [wawk]  d1: To travel on foot at a moderate pace; by advancing the feet alternately. d2: Go on foot for recreation and exercise. d3: Travel over (a route or area) on foot. hike·ing | [hahyk] d1:…