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Wasp Wolf Slingshot Review

Why am I writing my Wasp Wolf Slingshot review? 

Well, much of my childhood was outdoors, picking grass out my hair, drinking from random hose pipes & making dens in the most obvious of places.. one common unfulfilled dream existed. To be an ace with a slingshot 🎯

After a single bad experience (most young lads have one).. my days of shooting came to a premature end ✋

However, as I’m now older & supposedly, wiser 🤠 I’ve finally decided to try and realise that dream.

With a growing outdoors lifestyle, wildcamping, bikepacking etc. A slingshot I note is a very convenient EDC!

But which one? Where do you begin..

5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars

It’s no secret, I really appreciate quality and fine attention to detail.

When I purchased the Wasp Wolf the first thing I noted was the prompt, courteous and professional service from Wasp Slingshots – it gave me confidence I was onto a winner.

I can only give the slingshot a 5/5 because everything about the Wolf is thoughtful. From the fine textured finish on the deltawing profile to the attachment of a generous para-cord lanyard.

In the hand she is weighty but not heavy. It’s not got the gravity of an aluminium body but if feels anything but plastic or cheap. The Wasp badge isn’t a nasty sticker with extra glue either… it’s a crafted metal emblem that feels right at home buried flush beneath the surface of the slingshots face (inside, facing you).

The important bit, forks are considerable but not obtrusive. Slingshot neck is broad yet offers multiple grip methods for a variety of hand sizes and styles. The loop at the base feels comfy nesting my pinky as I aim.

I can’t see how a slingshot at this price could offer improved quality in any respect. Tall statement huh!

Top marks Wasp! It’s absolutely well deserved…


Not a huge amount to report here really.

I’m a relative noob so my reliability is far less than that of the Wasp.

Does it feel consistent? Hell yeah!

Does it give me confidence? I’ve no doubt that the Wolf Wasp will serve me well and as far as slingshots could fail, I have zero concerns that this model will do anything but deliver nothing but safe reliability in spades.

I can only give the Wolf Wasp a 5/5 for reliability. If it changes, so too will my score.

It’s an intelligent piece of well designed kit!


I’m not worthy to detail all the features of the Wolf Wasp but what I can report is this..

The grip in my slightly oversized hand is neither strained nor uncomfortable. I can pinch well with just my fingers or introduce the front of my palm for a fuller brace. The gentle curve of the Wolf enables the natural development of a slight kick forward on ammo release – a positive trait some experienced shooters like!

Massive plus for anyone new or flexibly minded is the ability to tie flat bands TTF or OTT (TTF shooting through the forks) or (OTT shooting over the top). To have a single slingshot with an ability for newbies to try both band wrap methods can only be a good thing & a plus for anyone with variety in mind too!

We also have a really subtle but much appreciated fine textured grip on each wing of the grip. It’s not a huge deal but it will definitely help build a confident tactile relationship with this product. Not to mention a safer hold too!

Another fine detail is the tapered handle, right to the contoured bottom. Saving weight is one benefit but less bulk in the palm feels to me like I have good solid control over how it remains planted as I aim.


The Wasp Wolf slingshot weighs in at 77gm (with para-cord, without bands attached). There’s a 90mm fork width with 24mm fork tips and an overall length of 135mm.

Frame is symmetrical so suitable for lefties or righties & the Wasp Badge sits on the gently convex inside (facing the shooter), whereas the plain concave outside (faces the target).

The profile of the forks is suited to the wrap and tuck band mount method & soon I’ll post a simple guide on how to wrap your bands, although YouTube has a number of really helpful videos already. I just bring a noobs view 🙃

The only thing that might improve the slingshot is a slightly more aggressive neck profile to really sink your fingers into, but that could very easily become a pain too… so, perhaps this is as close as you can get to a perfect multi-grip, multi-purpose, multi-talented slingshot? 

Maybe there’s just a little tweek here or there to come in the future? One things sure, Wasp are innovators!

Lightweight, small form, strong and durable with various band mounts and grip methods supported. Beat that!

This little beauty is feature rich & it does it with some style, boasting various colour options & specials too 😎



We all love value for money, right? A fair buck for a fair product or service?

The Wasp Slingshots Wolf product is a stunning piece of high quality design and innovation. It incorporates a broad range of features that will really help anyone starting out. Explore a wide range of grips, banding and really become comfy with a high performance, potentially high powered! incredibly accurate slingshot in the hand.

Can it be beat on price? Yes… Will you get a better, more versatile or rewarding slingshot for the money? No..

Pound for pound, in my humble opinion, the Wasp Wolf offers the best value for money today!

WARNING ! Please avoid the cheap Chinese imports around & below the £10 price point, people have suffered some really nasty injuries with snapped forks from poor quality materials. Buy cheap, buy twice applies to slingshots but the bonus here is the scars (or worse!) you get for not taking this advice in the first place!

PLEASE ! ONLY buy slingshots from reliable sources with a proven track record of quality and reliability.


If your new or returning to the world of slingshot, looking for a comfortable lightweight EDC or simply expanding your catty skills and want to try something a little bit different… look no further than the Wasp Wolf!

I paid £20 for mine and it’s worth every penny. The high quality materials, feel and features offer me the widest range of flat band experiences right in one lightweight 77gm EDC bundle.

Will I acquire more? For sure, yes! It makes me eager to test the legendary Uniphoxx and as something of an outdoorsman I won’t be able to keep my hands off the hydro dipped camo specials at some point too!

It’s a cracking piece of kit! Flexible, affordable for most and all you need to get popping tins is a band set and some ammo (all available at the Wasp Slingshot website TO VISIT, CLICK HERE)

Would I personally recommend the Wasp Wolf? I already have… to anyone who shows even the slightest interest in the ancient art of slingshot. Thanks must go to my Instamate Sensei @tj_into_the_wild & slingshot guru 🙏

I’ll be posting a series of slingshot newbie related videos on YouTube in due course. If your interested please head over & subscribe, hit the little bell & you’ll get notified when new content is published. Thank you!

Game on! … and their really not a toy … like you need telling! 🙄 

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• UK Designed & Made

• Quality build & feel

• Lite & durable

• 1st Class service


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