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Clumber Park Northern Territories

This is a lovely little walk through a slither of mixed woodland sandwiched right between Clumber Parks, Lime Tree Avenue and the parallel A57 to the North, hence the title Clumber Park Northern Territories.

There’s no fluff with this little route & I purposely share no images. It’s a route best suited to your own explore!


Personally, I set out with an objective to recon potential wild camp areas, and I just got lost in the natural beauty.

The open parking on the left of Lime Tree Avenue is where the route begins. Clumber Park is a National Trust site and therefore scanning of membership cards is likely. For NT members parking is free, non-members are now charged per person and I believe its around £4 per adult, per day (as of Jan 2019). 

Heads up, rolling patrols run regularly and all parked cars are required to scan or pay park entry fees, even if only along the roadside of Lime Tree Avenue.

Into the trees..

This route crosses the road and leads you straight into the trees. It’s an overgrown, lightly trodden start and I quite enjoy that for a change. No preliminary walk or hike to a treeline, just out your car and wallop! Trees & scrub…

Keep an eye on your GPS and you’ll stumble upon a feint path heading deeper into the woods. All routes lead to a fire trail at the bottom, so just enjoy the wilderness for a while, it’s a lovely little wander under a mixed canopy.

Right turn at the bottom leads to a gentle climb along the edge of a mature pine forest with new tree plantations flanking us as we follow the path naturally for about a mile.

The wood is less well trodden here and only interrupted by the brief sight and sound of the A57 before we drop back into the forest and once more experience the enchanting beauty of a thick canopy and varied forest flora.

Wiggling our way along trails and paths we amble through the mature woods. It’s easy to lose track of time and with glints of sun popping through the trees there’s no shortage of spots to pull up a log and soak it all in.

The walk is short but an ideal companion to go explore the northern edge of Clumber Park. It’s not nearly as busy as the visitors centre area, lake and surrounding paths. If you fancy a quieter wander through Clumber, try this…

Cycle trails are all around so for little legs, two wheels are more than practical after the initial few hundred yards.

The route can be extended toward the end either by crossing back over Lime Tree Avenue or continuing down into the broader forest to the western side of the park.

Like I say, this is a no fuss short walk… but is it a keeper? I think so & I regularly pop out there for the convenient parking, instant forest hit and casual stroll through beautiful, lightly trodden forest.

I hope you enjoy it just the same!


There’s no unusual safety notes other than keep an ear out for cycle tyres and the odd runner.

You can extend the walk by crossing Lime Tree Avenue and heading down to the lake and cafe or simply keep heading west and follow the basic contour of the road which is a joy on a warm, well packed picnic day.

If you stick to the route getting lost is difficult with the main A57 to the north, and Lime Tree Avenue to the south, so providing the sun is over your left or right shoulder you’ll find one or the other in time.

Distance 3.5mi.
Average Pace 2.5mph
Duration Estimate 01h 30m
Total Ascent 160ft
Surface Type Mixed
Surface Condition Good/Varied
Steepest Ascent +6.7% (at 0.3mi.)
Steepest Descent -3.3% (at 0.0mi.)
Total Uphill 1.3mi. (38%)
Total Downhill 1.6mi. (47%)
Grid Reference SK 63818 77109
Start Latitude 53.287115
Start Longitude -1.0441786
Nearest Post Code S80 3AE
Clumber Park Northern Territories by Spike #spikeblogs
Clumber Park Northern Territories Elevation by Spike #spikeblogs

Think I’ve covered it already, this is a comfortable, beautiful and less well trodden forest trail around the northern edge of Clumber Park, easily dropped into from the eastern access gates to Lime Tree Avenue.

Exploring, a wild picnic, possibly a wild day camp or the beginning of a larger explore this is just great reference material for any number of off-the beaten track routes around here.

The cafe is pleasant but overpriced, but I’ll say no more now as it doesn’t actually feature in this route.

In it’s above form the route is suitable for little adventure seekers and dog walkers alike but long trousers and paw protectors are worthwhile considerations for the initial start to the trail.


This rating is subjective and out of 100, taking into account a unique set of criteria. Whether it’s a walk or ride I consider; Terrain Condition, Variety, Seclusion, Services/Pub, Exploration, Photography, Wildlife, Points of Interest,  Natural Beauty & Wild Camp Potential. I assess difficulty based on distance and elevation profile (above).