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Mora Companion 860 Review

If you love the great outdoors, hiking, camping, glamping (is that a word yet?) or recreational sports, chances are you appreciate a quality blade too. Here, I’m looking at a classic, in this Morakniv Companion 860 Review.

4.8 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars

From the moment I first un-sheathed my Mora Companion, I was immediately drawn to the high quality feel and finish that Morakniv deliver in this general purpose outdoors blade.

The weight, grip and confident click in your palm with each sheathing, oozes confidence.

The Mora 860 Companion is one of those products I instantly begin to grow an attachment to. Usually, that’s a sure fire sign of quality. Here, Morakniv generously deliver quality on all fronts.

The only detraction from a perfect quality score is the sheath. Whilst tactile and perfectly practical, it would be nice to perhaps see a faux-leather sheath with safety clip. I’m being picky aren’t I? 

TIP 1 • If you buy Carbon Steel rather than Stainless, carry a small oil soaked cloth in a quality zip seal bag. Wipe after each use and you’ll never see any rust spots. Here’s a link to the Morakniv Care Guide


There’s very little to say about the reliability of the Mora Companion 860 knife. 

The stainless steel blade is strong, hard and out-the-box shaving sharp! (moderate fluffy beards😉

If you maintain the factory edge with a frequent strop and green chromium oxide compound, the only time you’ll ever need to stone sharpen (in normal use), is if you nick the edge.

It’s as good, if not better than similar blade profiles costing many times more. Reliability schmiability.. A++

TIP 2 • Strop! it, don’t sharpen. Suede strop with polishing compound and bare natural leather to a polish 😎


Designed for use in a wide variety of situations, the Morakniv Companion 860 really is a utility ‘companion’.

Made from Stainless Steel it come with a soft touch, full length, friction handle made of TPE rubber. The grip provides a safe and confident feel in the hand, making it predictable and safer to use than some similar blades.

The plastic polymer sheath can be hooked onto a belt with a sturdy barbed clip and it can also be hooked onto suitable mounts or screws if it lives on a wall in your workshop.

I’m harsh on features giving the Mora Companion 4/5, but here’s my thinking; I’d like a choil (the little notch at the base of the blade to aid sharpening), and we don’t have one. The spine is just rounded enough to hinder good ferro rod sparks. Relatively easy to file or even sharpen the spine, but it could make a great selling point Mora!

I’m sorry, I really am being picky 😏

TIP 3 • Grind the surface off the spine and lash your ferro rod to the sheath! That’s what we call a multi-tool!


I am not aware of any knife, in any perspective, that offers better VfM than the Morakniv Companion 860.

The price point is in the reach of most people and you get a lot of outdoors edge for very little money!

My only problem… because they are so competitively priced, I fight off starting a collection. The force is strong!

TIP 4 • Don’t auto-go to Carbon Steel as sharpest. Maybe checkout some practical tests here on YouTube first?


Some stuff deserves considered deliberation. The Morakniv Companion 860 in Stainless or Carbon Steel is not one of them. If you go outdoors, hike, walk, camp or do sporty stuff with ropes etc. Get one (no! get one of each).

For routine general purpose, light kindling production, stick chopping for the stove, rope/para-cord work or any EDC duties that benefit from a strong, sharp, comfortable and reliable blade, the Mora Companion is the answer.

The value doesn’t stop there! The steel is so good that as you wear or patina your blade, long-term users will often remove the moulded rubber handle and insert the ¾ length rat tail tang in a custom rare-wood handle.

If you don’t already own one, be careful! WHEN you do, you’re highly likely to want Mora!

Great job Morakniv, really… great job! 


• Best value for money

• Quality steel & durability

• Feel & safe grip


• I don't own mor'a'

• No choil

• Sheath, meh..


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