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Lixada Titanium Mug Review

Whether I’m out bikepacking, hiking, wild camping or just tying up my hammock for a relaxing day with a good book, the thing I value most is a good cuppa. So, here’s my review of the Lixada Titanium Mug, cups & cookware.

4.8 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
4 out of 5 stars

The titanium mug from Lixada is of good quality with four main considerations.

The body of the mug is single piece, making the all important cleaning a breeze. There are no awkward seams or rivets to contend with which matters when your on a date with mother nature.

The folding handle braces, encase the whole swinging handle making for a highly reliable grip.

The loop on top of the lid is similarly well mounted and most importantly; it’s not too tight! This means when it’s glowing hot there’s no challenge to take a spoon or stick and lightly lift the lid to check your boil progress.

The only quality quivver I have is the lid. It can’t snap shut nor be tight, or we would struggle to boil safely. I do think that it could sit a little more snug though. A slightly deeper lip would give a more positive mating with the body of the mug. It would also save boiling the lid off quite so often perhaps?

It’s a minor gripe but shaves a gnat off a perfect score from me.

TIP 1 • If you plan to cook with titanium pots then a heavy duty hide glove makes handling hot pots safe & easy!


I use my Lixada Titanium Mug, cup and pots often. They sit on naked flames from high power gas jet-stoves, over natural wood fires, glowing coals and simple fuel cells.

There’s no sign of any distortion, thinning or wear and all handles, lids and loops are still in place.

It’s highly reliable wear for eating, drinking and cooking. What more can I say!

It’s a 5/5 from me. I can’t fault it!

TIP 2 • The bagged 650ml mug fits nicely inside a 900ml pot. A rattle free, space saving carry & very versatile!


Key features include lightweight titanium material with folding handles, removable vented lid & cloth carry bag.

Lid has three small holes to allow steam to vent (so be cautious when a brew is boiling!).

The handles are contoured to fold flat to the body of the mug to make for compact packing / storage.

All edges are fully rolled so there’s no sharp bits and if a wire hanger is fitted it is strong & capable.

A little loop adorns lids so checking your rice or boiling water is easy with just the most basic of sticks.

TIP 3 • Don’t use a scouring pad on your titanium gear, a good soak and vigorous rub is all they need.


Generally prices vary little and Amazon usually provides a fair market price.

Buying from Ali Express can save a couple of pounds but at the cost of a month or more.

TomShoo is a brand I associate with Lixada and note various products on the Lixada website. I guess the items carrying either brand are unlikely to vary in build quality or value for money.

Please correct me if I’m off track Lixada and I’ll be glad to amend this accordingly.

The Lixada Titanium Mug (650ml) cost me £15 in late 2018 from Ali Express, (900ml) pot £22 from eBay.

TIP 4 • If you need a good quality EDC knife check out my Mora Companion Review HERE perfect EDC lid lifter!


If I lost my mug would I buy another? YES! I’d really miss my Lixada Titanium mug, cups and pots.

It’s very lightweight gear, strong, durable and practical. Easy to clean and tidy to pack, it’s a joy to hold.

Titanium of any brand gets very hot when cooking. It also seems to stick food more than steel/aluminium.

Good news is it cools quite quickly too! So, make a brew and take it off the heat, 3 minutes later = perfect!

I thoroughly recommend the Lixada Titanium Mug, cups and pots & in time I hope to review more from the range.

650ml mug slips nicely inside 900ml pot & that’s how I roll. It gives me a mug to boil water and while that cools I can drop a meal in the pot and either hang it or sit it on coals.

It’s the minimum I carry but unless I’m pulling out steaks or cooking pancakes, it’s all you really need!

Add a couple of titanium sporks (see above) and the culinary sky’s the limit! 


• Fair value for money

• Quality material & build

• Light & durable


• Sit of the lid

• Spiders

• Bigger spiders


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