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How To Organise Your Life

Are you efficient and organised? fully de-cluttered? stress free and above all, happy with your lot? If there’s room for improvement, the small but mighty steps in this guide ‘How To Organise Your Life’ may be just the ticket.

Would you like to know where everything is, rather than wasting your valuable time always hunting? Are you generally in a rush, habitually late, always seemingly time pressured and as a result frustrated, even stressed?

Imagine knowing where everything was, all the time! No more wound up by a ticking clock reminding you how late you are (again!). Imagine uncluttered clean living that gives you back all that wasted time & more besides!

If you crave efficiency but don’t know where to start, this is for you!

Step 1 • Start to think of time as a battery.

During the day as each hour passes, another cell in your torch battery drains. Relating to time this way will help you to view tasks with greater urgency. You soon realise, when your battery’s flat, you’re no longer productive!

Shine your torch at shadows, not at the sun. – Spike

What are your goals for today? Most people never know, because they never ask themselves. However, setting daily goals is an extremely effective & powerful practice. Many highly successful people share this trait.

Think of setting your goals as identifying shadows. Knowing what you want from a day gives you things you can set mobile reminders for to. These are the things to waste your battery on, shine your torch at the shadows.

This practice serves many purposes. It helps focus your sub-conscious on priority tasks. It brings clarity to otherwise scattered wasteful thoughts and it helps clear your mind before bed. Why not give it a try?

This evening, set 3 simple goals for tomorrow and repeat this each night for a week. You’ll be amazed at how productive you become, how motivating it is and we’ve not even got to Step 2 • yet!

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Step 2 • Take your gloves off and put your MITs on.

So, your giving thought to what you want from a day. After a week or so, you may notice your not always getting everything done. Don’t get demotivated, that’s normal! Your goal setting skills improve with time and practice.

What we’re going to do now is sharpen our skills and start to prioritise our 3 daily goals. Work out what’s most important and place your goals in priority order. Which shadow will you shine your torch on first?

Remember, these don’t need to be big jobs, just 3 simple things you want out of your tomorrow.

Prioritising is another powerful skill & we’ll be using it in other areas of our new organised life too!

To help jog your memory, when prioritising remember your MITs your ‘Most Important Things‘.

Spend a further week goal setting and prioritising. Now! you will be seeing and feeling the benefits.

Step 3 • It’s time to strip & be brutal!

Whilst we continue to routinely set 3 simple daily goals, let us now also turn a little attention to our surroundings. Our domestic setting, all our worldly possessions, the unused stuff, old stuff, broken stuff & the pointless stuff!

We can only manage what we can measure. So, if your domestic environment is packed with material clutter it’s highly likely your mind is a mirror image. Highly organised successful people are known to reduce what they have to manage in day-to-day life, and they leave no stone unturned. Less really is more!

We can’t manage what we can’t measure. – Spike

So, be brutal and have the ultimate clear out! Sell stuff, give stuff away, bin stuff and then do it again.. only this time even more meticulous. Go through every layer of your habitual lifestyle and surroundings.

BE BRUTAL! Strip out all you can. The more space you create, the more freedom you will experience.

I can’t stress this enough, turn every stone! Wardrobes, attic, shed, garage, kitchen draws, desk, car, purse, wallet, medicine cabinet, phone apps, bills, email list, phone contacts, Facebook friends – everywhere!

BE BRUTAL! If in doubt, strip it out.

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Step 4 • Think about the power of NOW!

So let’s just take stock. We’ve done great! We’re habitually creating 3 simple daily goals & we’re feeling good about how productive we’ve become. We’re prioritising our MITs and developing those skills. We’ve stripped the clutter from our domestic lives and we’re motivated to keep things this way. So now what?

We need to be mindful and consciously value NOW far more than the future, let me explain.

Organised people naturally develop a keen eye for forward planning. You may have already started to list goals for days/weeks even months ahead. This is normal and can be very helpful, but beware! Forward planning can make us lazy, it entices us to put off till later tasks we NEED to face right here, right now.

There is nothing truer than NOW is all we ever truly have! Be mindful of this & prioritise accordingly.

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. – Spike

Clearing your mind of undesirable tasks is like clearing out that dusty old draw. Face undesirable tasks head on and you not only deal with the issue but you also dissolve stress, improve productivity and create space for better things to arise! It’s a tremendously powerful practice.

Try reserving future goals for only the things that will directly improve your quality of life.

Tip 5 • Treat yourself!

I’m not talking a weekend away or a party with the neighbours. Although! with the time, effort, energy, stress and even money you’ve saved, you may well have good reason to light the BBQ or book a hotel!

The treat I’m suggesting is a little less glamorous. It’s time to put the cherry on it and crown your surroundings.

Treat yourself to dividers, storage boxes, tubs, wallets and a label machine. Create a place for everything and put everything in its place. This should serve to de-clutter once more & with fresh qualified eyes really affect change.

Having things in order is only half the battle, right? Keeping things in order is the important side of the equation.

So, give everything that’s left a rightful place, never pile anything. If something has served its purpose discard it, sell it or give it a new home. Recycle, upcycle and repurpose – all topics for future posts coming soon.

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The Bottom Line

Organised people know where to go for what they want. They don’t waste time looking for.. or trying to find.. They don’t waste time! With labelling, logic and careful thought you can now experience this new way of life too.

Finally, when you feel complete, shout about it. Share your new efficient lifestyle with a friend or two! Tell them your story, explain how it makes you feel, the time you save and the stress that’s been lifted. 

Be proud of your achievements! You’re living an enviable life associated with many highly successful people!

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Please comment, it would be awesome to hear your experiences and any suggestions or efficiency ideas.

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