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Topeak Large Saddle Pack Review

Cycle for any length of time and you soon realise how important essential tools and spares can be. In this Topeak Large Saddle Pack Review, we take a quick look at how practical this strappy little bundle can be.

4.5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars

The Topeak Aero Wedge Large Saddle Bag, to name it correctly, is made from two main materials. The lower half of the bag is a very tactile rubberised material with the upper half built of heavy duty poly canvas cloth. 

Stitching and mesh on the inside of the bags lid seem well thought through and of high quality. Straps and loops on the outside of the bag are equally rugged and overall there’s very little to criticise indeed.

Perhaps some double or cross stitching in strategic places? Maybe shallower bellows in the bag’s lid, so they don’t get trapped in the zipper as often, but I’m scratching really hard to type this… It’s a high quality product!


I use my Topeak saddle bag on both my MTB and road bike. I only have the one bag so it is constantly swapped between saddles as I pick and choose my ride. The straps are fitted and tensioned with plastic clip buckles that have proven highly reliable as I relentlessly clip and un-clip.

The zip that can compress or expand the pack and the zip holding your valuables inside the bag, have seen a lot of use in my hands. They are trouble free, easy to use and with a very light oil, as good as zippers get.

I’ve never had a buckle pop open unexpectedly nor have the zips ever worked themselves open. The reliability of the pack is without question, I personally have complete confidence in this strapped Topeak saddle bag.

Personally I security tether everything of value when I ride anyway. I make loops with the following cord and combine them with these safety release catches. Clip all your stuff on and ride with complete peace of mind!


The bag secures to your bike at three points. Firstly the velcro strap that wraps around the seat post, which satisfyingly has a full length velcro strip. Second and third, a strap loops through each saddle rail.

The straps clip into fixed position buckles stitched into the fabric of the bag, which gives me confidence that a failure of a single strap won’t mean losing the entire bag. Three anchor points means rock solid mounting.

A really nice feature is the expanding zipper around the body of the bag. Carry few items on a short ride you can zip up the middle to stop your stuff bouncing around. Head out for a more focused ride carrying more gear and unzipping the bag gives a very useful extension to the available storage space.

Unzipped and fully expanded I comfortably fit all my bike spares, chain break tool, keys, batteries and a 6″ phone.

Topeak’s material choice is credit to them. Mud, sand, road grime etc. simply wipes off the bottom of the bag. The canvas top is less forgiving however doesn’t get the action of the bottom. It’s a well thought through design.

Last but not least, there are three canvas loops on the outside. I use the two underneath to carry my micro-pump (I fell out with CO2 from a reliability perspective), the single loop on the bags opening is perfect for a mini-light.

Great features packed into a little bag with all these possibilities! Well done Topeak, and thank you.


I’ve seen the price range from £10 for the Micro version of this bag upwards to £20 for the Large. Below I’ll post my links to the current Amazon price, which is usually at the market value and where I bought mine.

There are a number of Topeak saddle bags in the range and the latest quick clip attachment method. When I need a replacement I’ll undoubtedly get one of those and review that mount compared to straps in due course.

Bottom line is the Topeak saddle pack range offers tremendous value for money.


Rarely do I come across a cycle related product that takes the amount of stick I have thrown at the Topeak Saddle Bag, and survive to receive a review. I’ve battered this saddle bag, some might even say, abused it.

It’s been caked in mud, splattered in dog stuff and soaked multiple times. Before I wrote this review I cleaned my bag, checked the straps and buckles for damage etc. I found none, nothing, nada!

After a year of field action my bag is looking aged. The canvas upper is a little shiny in places and the rubberised lower shows a few scars from flicked stones and the occasional scrape on the ground. Would I sell it? No way…

It’s a high quality, feature rich, reliable and unobtrusive method of keeping your essentials with you. Just get one!


• Ease of attachment

• Secure mounting

• Great value for money


• Velcro can slip

• I don't have a spare!


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