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Spikes Journal as it happens. It's the grand voyage. My journey. Content is unfiltered, uncensored and pure. Not always pretty, not always clever, it is however always honest and true - I like that! by Spike #spikeblogs

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    Time to DO MORE

    With our thoughts we make the world. – Buddha 19 April 2019 I woke up grateful today. 6:00am with a rich deep orange glow filling the kitchen as I poured coffee. Grateful for the beauty, grateful for my family, grateful for my health.. just grateful all over! I labelled a parcel,…

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    Great day to start a YouTube channel.

    Your limitation is purely your imagination.聽13 April 2019 You know those days? The ones when your mind bounces casually from one positive thought to another? Like skipping through a summer meadow picking flowers as you go. Today, was one of those days. They don’t happen often, but when they do,…

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    WTF! A journal introduction.

    Currently experiencing life at multiple WTFs per hour.聽1 April 2019 I have so much to say, I don’t know where to begin, but Brevity & Simplicity have never been my friends. Why say it in 10 words when I can construct 30?.. that could be my motto. So, I thought,…