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Spikes Journal as it happens. It's the grand voyage. My journey. Content is unfiltered, uncensored and pure. Not always pretty, not always clever, it is however always honest and true - I like that! by Spike #spikeblogs

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    Bucket list 2 of 3 · Experiences

    The only source of knowledge is experience – Albert Einstein  9 June 2019 OK let’s go! Part 2 of 3 is Experiences..  I imagine this section will change the most. As interests unfold and life slowly dissolves the changing landscape of desire and ambition will cruise the peaks and valleys.  Not sure…

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    Bucket list 1 of 3 · Places

    Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places,where other people see nothing. – Camille Pissarro 30 May 2019 Well, hello again blank screen… Let me start by opening up my thinking and see where it takes us. The objective here is to create my bucket list – but how? Where…

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    It’s time to create my bucket list

    Expect nothing. Live frugally on surprise. – Alice Walker 16 May 2019 So, I got to thinking it’s time to create my bucket list.  I don’t know what motivates this, where it came from, or a little unnervingly, why now? But, it’s just a list, right? How hard can that be?…

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    How to combat one of those days!

     The quieter you become, the more you can hear. – Baba Ram Dass  27 April 2019 I imagine we almost all have them, from time to time  ..but how to combat one of those days? Some of us more than others… and if that’s you, then this is a gift.…

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    How to Premiere Pro like a pro!

    We’re in the era of digital video, and it’s a mess. – Steve Jobs 24 April 2019 Whatever your interest in video production, be it a casual creative outlet or serious career ambition, sooner or later you’ll need to decide on your primary editing software. You have options & it’s a…