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Mental Health blog archive. A guided series of recovery, written in order to help people find true relief from panic & anxiety by Spike #spikeblogs

  • What Is Mindful Meditation Practice featured by Spike #spikeblogs
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    What Is Mindful Meditation Practice

    In the previous Alternative To Anxious Living post, we briefly touched on how meditation plays an important roll in recovery. What Is Mindful Meditation Practice, now examines this a little closer. I hope you found your breath, please stick with it. It’s important to develop this skill and continue to practice each day. Just…

  • Anxious Living by Spike #spikeblogs
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    The Alternative To Anxious Living

    Following on from Links Between Anxiety & Depression let’s now explore the alternative to anxious living.  Question : What is the alternative to anxious living? Well, to most sufferers, it’s quite obvious that their thinking has/is changed. Often people report relentless worry and repetitive over-thinking. Dwelling on the negative and/or replaying mental movies…

  • Anxiety Depression Link Spike Blogs #spikeblogs
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    Links Between Anxiety And Depression

    Understanding the links between anxiety and depression can be really helpful if you’re on the recovery path. Please note, I’m no health expert nor teacher. I simply share these posts from my own experience. I write them in the sincere hope they might help someone else take a step closer to…

  • The path we walk to get rid of panic
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    Get Rid Of Panic Attacks And Anxiety

    Is there a cure for anxiety? No. Can we get rid of panic attacks, irrational fear & reduce anxiety? Yes, we can! Actually, isn’t panic the real problem anyway? This is our first challenge. We need to be clear about what we’re addressing, in order to avoid any confusion. So, how…