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I love whittling and carving! I’ve no idea why聽馃聽It could be my childhood cowboy memories聽馃 watching gunslingers sat around a camp, whittling horses from firewood? or maybe Jack Hargreaves did it? who knows…

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Carving just accompanies me today, when I’m out-n-about. I enjoy the creative process of taking a bit of fallen wood and breathing new life into it; making something delicate, funny, curious or even maybe lucky!

When I find suitable wood I get to work. When I’ve crafted an item it gets stamped, numbered and recorded. Then, I give it away by hiding it in plain view, sometimes with a sprinkle of humour聽馃ぃ

You’ll know if you stumble across one of my carvings by the four digit number stamped in it and a printed tag carrying this web address.

My carvings take many forms! could be a realistic object, perhaps a wood spirit or even a lucky ancient rune… Occasionally, I’ll have a go at a natural object or even a modern abstract (they just feel right sometimes)聽馃槂

If you find one, it’s yours! Call it a random gift of kindness. I hope it brings a smile & an entertaining tale to tell.

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Feel free to give it away! or even sell it… All I ask is if you’ll point new owners here & ask them to register it.

As they do, each piece will grow its own little history and with each new registration its story will grow.

I only work ethically sourced wood and most value Lime, Hazel, Pear, Sycamore, Holy and Hawthorn. Rare and ancient woods I’m always grateful for and if you can donate any, please hit me up > CONTACT

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I do sometimes offer pieces for sale. When available you’ll either find a link to them in my social links above ( Etsy or eBay), or I’ll open the store right here where you’ll be able to buy from me direct.

When registering a piece I’ll never share your name or email with anyone. I use it solely to communicate with you & share the pieces history. For each carving I store only an alias and where the item was found or purchased.聽This is the only information that will ever be shared with others.

I sincerely hope you like your piece and it truly brings some joy.

Commission enquiries are welcome and if you find a piece & would like to help keep me in knives and bandages any kind donations will be very gratefully received 馃檹

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