• GoPro HERO 8 Black Review Featured Image by Spike #spikeblogs
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    GoPro HERO 8 Black Review

    Here’s my initial GoPro HERO 8 Black Review. Having been a GoPro HERO user for many years (suffering my fair share of ups & downs), I ask; is the NEW GoPro HERO 8 Black a solid step up OR a half-step sideways?  Let’s take a peek under the hood & check out how the…

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    Slingshot Challenge October 2019

    Welcome  shooters! The Slingshot Challenge October 2019 is now open.  Entry is always FREE but conditional on reading & accepting ALL terms & rules. You enter the Slingshot Challenge of your own free will & ENTIRELY at your own risk! Please ALWAYS shoot safely & responsibly! Slingshot is NOT a toy. To sponsor future months…

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    Wasp Slingshots UniPhoxx Review

    This is a personal un-paid product review of the Wasp Slingshots Uniphoxx. Re-starting my slingshot career, I (like many others) soon became comfortable with the feel of my first fork. I craved an alternative to give me a comparison. Would a different fork help my accuracy? How would the different feel…

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    Wasp Wolf Slingshot Review

    Why am I writing my Wasp Wolf Slingshot review?  Well, much of my childhood was outdoors, picking grass out my hair, drinking from random hose pipes & making dens in the most obvious of places.. one common unfulfilled dream existed. To be an ace with a slingshot  After a single…

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    Bahco Laplander Review

    If, like me, you love the mesmerising flicker of a camp fire or maybe you have trees in need of some TLC, the one thing we equally value is a good saw. So, I put this through its paces for my 2019 Bahco Laplander Review. Quality Reliability Features Price 0…

  • Lixada Titanium Mug Featured by Spike #spikeblogs
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    Lixada Titanium Mug Review

    Whether I’m out bikepacking, hiking, wild camping or just tying up my hammock for a relaxing day with a good book, the thing I value most is a good cuppa. So, here’s my review of the Lixada Titanium Mug, cups & cookware. Quality Reliability Features Price 0 Style 0 Usability…